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Economy of modern Russia is mainly based on production capacities formed during the so called “stagnant” years. Sufficient part of such potential was formed by personnel of Joint Stock Company of Order of the Red Banner of Labour “Tatneftegazstroy”: enterprises of oil and gas and chemical industry, oil pumping stations, tank batteries, dozens of thousands of kilometers of pipelines of various designation, social buildings and facilities, millions square meters of residential houses in Tatarstan, Western Siberia, in many republics and regions of the USSR.

The most important contribution of «Tatneftegazstroy» was made to reformation of the Republic of Tatarstan. Thanks to this the full-featured oil production infrastructure of «Tatneft» was formed and enabled production of milliards of tons of black gold. And still it remains the leader of oil production sector in Russia. Figuratively saying, — before oil operator touched the hand wheel of oil pipe it was assembled by construction assembler. Such pillars of Tatarstan economy as Minnibaevsk Gas and Oil Processing Plant named after Leninist Komsomol, Almetyevsk Turbine Plant, «Alnas» plant, Leninogorsk Automation Devices Plant, Mendeleevsk Chemical Plant named after Karpov, Almetyevsk Hosiery Factory, tens of construction materials production plants were built by «Tatneftegazstroy». Thanks to operation of personnel of Tatneftegazstroy villages and settlements of the Republic became cities and workers settlements like Almetyevsk, Leninogorsk, Aznakaevo, Bavly, Dzhalil, Aktyuba, Karabash. Over five million square meters of houses, hundreds of schools, hospitals, kindergartens, cinemas, Culture and Sport Centers were built there.

Major fattening complexes were built in collective farms and state farms at the south east of Tatarstan. Rural residents of many Tatarstan regions received natural gas to their houses also thanks to Joint Stock Company «Tatneftegazstroy».

Nowadays young generation of engineers, employees and workers of various specialty works along with those who has formed the country wealth. Combination of veterans’ experience and mastery together with modern knowledge and young energy allows «Tatneftegazstroy» to stay a modern and demanded enterprise.

It still has close collaboration with Joint Stock Company «Tatneft». Along with the new building of central office which became not only a visiting card of the very enterprise but also the decoration of oil region capital – Almetyevsk, new pipe lines are being laid, workshops and production areas are being reconstructed, oil fields are being arranged for it.

OJSC “Transnefteprodukt” is among solid partners of «Tatneftegazstroy», several dozens of kilometers of oil product main pipelines Kstovo-Yaroslavl-Kirishi-Primorks were constructed and commissioned for this company within normative periods with due quality, the main oil pumping station Subkhankulovo was built in Bashkortostan.

Year by year city of Almetyevsk becomes more comfortable and beautiful. With direct participation of «Tatneftegazstroy» new social buildings, beautiful and comfortable residential houses were built. The unique complex of medical and diagnostic centre of medical sanitary station of Oil and Gas Production Department “Almetyevneft”, building of Devon Credit bank were erected. The golden dome and minarets of the cathedral mosque are reflected in pond waters. All these buildings are architecturally distinct and fit the city ensemble very well. During their construction new assembly technologies were actively implemented, the most modern materials were used. Since rearrangement of the pond works on formation of recreations areas were started in the city. «Tatneftegazstroy» has performed the main complex of works on the city lake, from the process of design engineering to accomplishment and erection of buildings of winter swimmers club «Iceberg». The city pond and Sabantuy square became favorite places of the city residents and guests. Concerts and official events of the city and republic life are held in here. «Tatneftegazstroy» has built new buildings and renovated the old buildings of schools No. 1, 2, 16 of the city of Almetyevsk. Construction of fuel filling complexes completes the list of works for the last years in the city of Almetyevsk and Aznakaevo.

«Tatneftegazstroy» has erected residential complexes in Almetyevsk, Naberezhnye Chelny and Elabuga, these are elite dwellings with comfortable yards, convenient parking places, comfortable planning of apartments, availability of cultural and recreational facilities and shops.

Many years of practice, knowledge of capabilities and needs of the market allow creation of optimal apartments for very diverse segments of population.

Specialists and constructors of «Tatneftegazstroy» were highly praised by the President of Tatarstan Mintimer Shaymiev for restoration of Culture Palace «Energetik» in Urussu settlement, where they managed to reserve sculpture groups and complex plasterworks and also to transform the interior design by enriching it with modern materials. As a result the culture centre which was considered to be in critical condition now is the decoration element of the settlement and cheers up its residents. «Tatneftegazstroy» has restored from ruins using the photographs the house of merchant Kamenev on Sviyazhsk island city– the structure which was built at the end of the nineteenth century. In Tetyushky district of Tatarstan it has completed construction of ashlar bricks factory with capacity of 60 million bricks a year.

Multi-profile nature and high mobility, excellent material and technical base, unique organizational and production experience, high professionalism of employees allowed «Tatneftegazstroy» to win the tender for participation in construction of Taneko Oil Refinement Plants – the biggest construction site in modern Russia — as a subcontractor organization.

In May 2012 the President of the Republic of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov has laid the capsule of foundation of the future plant of «ICL- KME CS» specializing in production of industrial electronics, aimed at returning Kazan the status of computer capital of the country. Tatneftegazstroy was charged with erection of such facility crucial for development of IT-sector of Tatarstan since it has unblemished reputation and over 60 years of history.

The first of the three production complexes and the first of the two engineering centers were officially commissioned to the Customer in December 2013.

During over sixty years of its history Closed Joint Stock Company «Tatneftegazstroy» has proved to be a company with wide range of capacities, able to perform the boldest technical and constructive solutions with due quality and within the agreed terms in accordance with the Customer’s requirements. High qualification of Tatneftegazsgtroy employees enables their winning the highest awards in professional competitions and their professional achivements are appreciated by society, praised in public and honored by awards. And they are proud and appreciate the prestige of own enterprise.